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Client Case Studies

Capitol Ave SEO & PPC Client Case Studies

Discover the Inspiring Success Stories of Businesses Transformed by Capitol Ave SEO & PPC Strategies - Unleash Your Own Marketing Breakthrough Today!

Whether you're looking for information on the latest industry trends or practical tips on how to improve your marketing efforts, we can help.

Increased Restaurants Conversions By Over 300%!

Explore how we drove a 300% surge in restaurant conversions using advanced PPC, customized landing pages, and an SEO content optimization strategy, resulting in a $21,000 monthly traffic value.

From One Keyword On First Page To Over 50 In Just 90 Days! ( Beauty Industry )

Learn how we helped a permanent makeup studio rank for over 50 first-page keywords in just 90 days, leading to a significant increase in estimated traffic value.

From Zero To 25,000 Ranking Keywords

Discover how we ranked a financial website for 25k keywords, boosting their estimated monthly traffic value to an impressive $351,000.

E-commerce - From 100 to 5000 Monthly Visitors

Discover how our comprehensive marketing plan, including SEO and content creation, led to a remarkable increase in monthly visitors for an e-commerce website, driving growth and brand visibility.

Car Dealer Increases Website Traffic By 147%!

Learn how our tailored digital marketing strategy, incorporating SEO and localized content, helped a car dealer achieve a substantial 147% increase in website traffic, driving more leads and sales.

Fitness E-commerce Earns From 5405.85 ROAS

Find out how our data-driven approach to paid advertising and conversion optimization generated an exceptional 5405.85 ROAS for a fitness e-commerce brand, boosting revenue and customer acquisition.

Health & Wellness: Rapid Online Visibility Success!

Discover how we generated buzz and drove targeted traffic for an emerging health and wellness brand through a strategic blend of SEO, content marketing, and influencer outreach.

Ghost Kitchen: 90-Day Domain Authority & Backlink Boost!

Uncover our integrated SEO and content marketing strategy that elevated a digital restaurant's domain authority and backlinks in just 90 days.

Cleaning Company: Zero to Thriving Online Presence!

Explore our approach combining SEO, content creation, and social media engagement to transform a cleaning company's online presence and drive website traffic.

Don't Take Our Word For It. Hear From Our Clients

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David Doe

Simple Company

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellentesque nec mauris venenatis aliquam tortor.

David Doe

Simple Company

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellentesque nec mauris venenatis aliquam tortor.

David Doe

Simple Company

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get started?

If you are ready to start a PPC campaign, click on our get started button and schedule your free consultation. We can often go live with a new PPC account within two business days of receiving all of your information.

How can PPC help my business?

PPC advertising or paid ads, is the practice of creating advertisements that will show up in search engine rankings. This can be a very effective way for you to target potential customers with specific queries related your business and products/services offered on website occasion . Google Ads has become one such well established tool which provides many benefits including being able send traffic from across different countries towards an online destination within hours if not minutes after they've been clicked upon by interested parties! In addition it also allows advertisers plenty opportunity both drive sales through conversions (

How long is the contract?

Consulting and setup projects often have shorter contracts, while performance-based relationships tend to last longer. This difference is most noticeable when you're setting your goals for the contract length.

What is managed PPC?

We've spent years serving small businesses and fortune 500 companies by offering the best PPC services in the industry. Our Managed PPC service takes all our expertise, experience, and data and puts it to use for you in one flat rate product.

How much do you charge?

We get to know your business and what it needs. We'll work with you one on one, giving special attention while understanding the goals of marketing services for this project so that we can create pricing options around timelines or strategies depending upon how much time there is left in addition if need be team sizes too!

How much should I spend to get results?

You want to make sure that you’re targeting the right audiences and messaging with your ad campaigns. That's why we take into account conversion volume, cost per conversion (CPCC), and ROI when deciding which marketing services are most suitable for your needs - because everyone has different goals! For example for paid advertising, if you want 20 conversions per day and the average cost per conversion is $10, then your ad spend would need to be $200/day.


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